I am disgusted. Absoulty disgusted.

Today, while shopping at a Claire’s I have shopped at since I was 10 years old-I got all six of my piercings there as well. Never once in my life have I stolen anything-I am morally against it. If I want something, I would buy it.

We spent a good twenty-thirty minutes in Claire’s, just trying on glasses because that’s what my friends and I do every time we’re there-it’s like a tradition. 

I was wearing ripped jeans and a tank-top that said “Never Give Up” and my other friends were dressed, I guess by “society’s standards” or whatever you want to call it. Basically, I looked like a “no-good troubling teenager”

Here is a  pic of what I was wearing:

On the way out we were stopped by the Manager-who goes by the name of Ann- who then accused me and my two friends of shoplifting some Hello Kitty (I am not a fan of HK btw)

We told her, SEVERAL, times that we had not taken it. Two security guards were there as well. We even offered to let her search our bags, to which she said “I don’t search bags” I don’t understand why she just couldn’t have the security guards then check our purses.

Then she threatened to call the police and have them search us, to which I reply (and by now I have my voice raised-which means you pissed me off because I NEVER raise my voice, I am usually a very shy person.) “Go ahead, call the police because we don’t have it.”

She flat out told me that she singled me out right away when, and I quote, “I singled you out right away because I saw you open your purse and put the pin in.” Uh, excuse me? I was opening my purse to take out my cell phone to make sure my mother hadn’t called!

 No, she singled me out because of what I was wearing. She was discriminative and it fucking pisses me off.

One of the security guards (they were actually nice.) then asked me and my friends our ages (I’m 19, my other friend is 18 and my other friend is 19 as well) He then pulled the manager aside to tell her something.

Then the manager pulls all three of us inside and “bans” us from Claire’s “forever.”

For something we didn’t even do. Never in my life have a stolen anything-much less something from Hello Kitty.

But my mom called Mall Security and I guess we’re not banned anymore. But I’m still never going back to that specific Claire’s because what the manager did was completely disrespectful.

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